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Invest with UBI Services Limited (UBISL)



CorpBank Securities Limited has a dedicated Mutual Funds Desk to offer clients opportunities to profit from their investments. Our team consists of trained and AMFI certified personal with several years of experience in the industry. We have tie ups with all the leading Asset Management Companies.

Our team helps investors keep a tab on the performance of their various investments in MF schemes. We enable investors to opt out of non performing schemes while choosing to stay invested in star performers based on performance rankings.

Will Writing

The Company has acknowledged the importance of ease of Will writing services for individuals without any hassels. Hence, the Company has launched CorpWILL in association with, a leading succession services Company of India. Through this product, the Company provides online Will Writing Services to its customers in a safe, quick and easy manner. Customers can just get themslesves registered by paying a nominal fee online and fill the required details. That's all that is required to generate a legal, professional and fully confidential Will that Will ensure peace and harmony in the household!

A Will is a legally enforceable document describing how an individual wants his or her property or assets to be distributed among his children / his relatives / friends or trust etc after his death. Will is an integral part of Financial Planning for any individual for completing the financial planning cycle.

Writing and leaving a Will is of umpteen importance to avoid any frictions and fights amongst the interested parties involved like siblings, spouse and children and so on after demise. If you believe in taking insurance, you have to believe in writing a Will. Insurance insures that your loved ones stay protected even after you are gone, a Will ensures the loved ones stay loved ones and not become “legal parties” in a court.